30-minute fully guided headshot session

Several wardrobe changes

Private online gallery

One retouched headshot of your choice

Digital Headshots send within 7 days

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How do I book a Professional Headshot Session?

To book a professional headshot session, simply click BOOK NOW, then choose an available date and time that works best with your schedule. Next, please read and sign Headshot Agreement form. In order to reserve your session, you will pay a non-refundable $100 retainer. This guarantees and secures your time slot, which is necessary due to the high volume of requests I receive. Shortly, you will receive an email confirmation. Make sure to read a helpful blog post about How to prepare to Headshot Session.
If you wish to request corporate headshots for your company’s team, headshots can be taken at your place of business. For other photography services beyond the typical 30-minute headshot session, please go to the  CONTACT page and describe your needs. We can discuss the specifics and I can send you a quote.

What can I expect from our headshot photoshoot?

A basic professional headshot session includes a 30-minute long photoshoot with two wardrobe choices. Remember to bring several outfits so that we can choose the two best ensembles that will make your headshot “pop”.
The photoshoot is fully guided and you don’t have to worry about how to pose or where to put your hands. My workflow is quick as I review photos in real time, which allows me to make speedy adjustments for the most aesthetically pleasing results.
You should throw away the phrase: “ I am not photogenic,” because I will dispel that myth. My decade of experience in portrait photography allows me to easily create strong headshots that you are sure to appreciate.
If you have any other questions or have other requests for your session, please do not hesitate to CONTACT me!

What should I wear for my professional headshot session?

Please bring at least three to five outfits so that I can consult with you to achieve the best look for your portrait. Before selecting your outfits, consider who your audience is and what you want to tell them. This is often the best method to create headshots you will be completely pleased with, and which you will be thrilled to use. Also remember to stay true to yourself so that you can channel your best traits, and to be authentic. If you wear glasses or a certain style of clothing in your industry, stick with this! It will earn the trust of your clients.
For more tips and advice, take a look at my blog: What to Wear for your Headshot Session.
You can get more ideas and examples for outfits on the Valentina Sadiul Photography Pinterest PageFOR MEN | FOR WOMEN

How I will select my favorite headshot?

After our 30 minutes session, we will have opportunity to review all images. I will advise you in choosing the best shot. If you would like more than one headshot, you can purchase them individually at an additional cost. I can arrange a discount for large orders.
My signature editing of your top choices includes: improving color and contrast, professionally retouching skin by clearing up blemishes and reducing wrinkles as needed, removing flyaway hairs, and enhancing eyes. CLICK HERE for details. 
I will send your final images to you in full resolution (300dpi JPG format), which are most ideal for printing and branding purposes. I also include compressed images (72dpi), which are best suited for web design and social media.

Can I have more than one image?

Certainly! You can order as many images as you wish. Every extra image is $80, and discount is provided for orders in big batches.
I won’t send all unretouched images and they can’t be sold with a discount. The value of a great headshot lies in the process of its preparation to its post production, and exposing the unretouched images outside the studio communicates an unprofessional approach for both the photographer and the client. I am looking out for the both of us, and want us both to shine!

When I can expect my final images?

Your final edited professional headshots of your choice will be made available for download within 7 days via a MediaFire private online gallery. The album will include full resolution and web resolution files.
However, I completely understand that your needs may be time sensitive, as is the case with several clients who rely upon social media to reach out to their audience. You may also simply wish to show off your portraits right away!
As I receive a high volume of work, please go to my CONTACT page to inquire about my availability for expedited services.

Why do I need a professional headshot?

In today's digital world very often first “meet” people online before we meet them in person. To succeed in the professional or business world, you need to make a positive first impression. A professional headshot will boost the effectiveness of your resume, “About Me” page, LinkedIn and other social media profiles.
To find out if you need headshot services, ask yourself: “Is my headshot more than two years old, and was it ever taken by a professional photographer? Am I getting the attention I want on my LinkedIn profile, or can I be doing something different to portray success and confidence? Does what I have up on social media show me accurately in the best light, or are they outdated and low quality? Have I changed my look, and is it confusing for clients to meet someone else that doesn’t match my photos? 

Do I need make up for my Headshot Session?

Bearing your best interest in mind, I strongly advise using the services of a makeup artist for your professional headshot session. I have personally watched my clients become aglow with confidence after they have treated themselves to professional hair and makeup. A lot of stress is taken off your plate by deferring to a highly trained hair and makeup artist. They will ensure that you have even skin tone, buff out any blemishes, consult with you about colors that complement your features, and choose the best hairstyle to bring attention to your face. Clients have told me that not having to deal with all these factors leaves them relaxed and ready to be themselves on set.

Choosing a professional hair and makeup artist will enhance both your look and confidence: you won’t be second guessing whether or not you appear polished and presentable. It is also important to note that studio lighting can wash out people who do not arrive with camera-ready makeup. Not only will you get the most flattering shots, but you are likely to receive your images more promptly as I will be able to more quickly retouch them. CLICK HERE to read a blog post about make up.

Can I book a Headshot Session on Location?

Yes, you can book a headshot session on location! You can use my CONTACT page to describe where you would like your portraits to be taken. I charge an extra rate for the labor involved in arranging the right lighting and composition outside of a studio, as well as travel expenses.