CPB: Joie Gharrity Founder - Brand Director, Content Producer, Author, and International Speaker

Joie Gharrity Founder of 113 Branding Digital Media Studio is a Brand Director, Content Producer, Author, and International Speaker. She worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry for 15+ years at top companies, in film, television, original web content, and branded entertainment. She was hand-picked by the ABC Studio President to launch the first multi-media startup business for The Walt Disney Company.

Joie was inspired to launch 113 Branding because she realized that most creative types were not focused on standing in their own Spotlight and selling themselves, which impacts their long-term success. She integrates her strategic branding and content development vision with both the creative and business sides of the entertainment industry. She works with entrepreneurs and Hollywood directors both behind and in front of the camera. 

Joie Gharrity Founder of 113 Branding Digital Media Studio

Time you wake up? 6:00 AM PST
Morning Routine: I do the Miracle Morning which includes meditation, reading, affirmations, journaling, business goal setting and exercise. 
My best habit: I consider mediation to be my strongest tool in my daily routine. It helps me to focus and set daily intentions that set my day up for success. 
Worst habit: I am not a good sleeper so I tend to go to bed late at night. 
Your personal philosophy: I truly believe that it is your birthright to stand in your Visibility and Influence Spotlight and shine bright. It has nothing to do with your last name or your vocation. It has everything to do with you living your true purpose, turning up your Visibility and Influence Spotlight and allowing it to shine.
Books you are reading: Choices to Changes by Sheila Keendy. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. 
What time do you go to sleep? 11:00 PM every night. 


What motivated you to become an entrepreneur? 

I was inspired to launch 113 Branding because I realized that most creative types and entrepreneurs were not focused on standing in their own Spotlight and selling themselves, which impacts their long-term success. I was taught by high-level mentors in the Hollywood entertainment industry to embrace my Spotlight and grow my Visibility both online and offline. I am passionate about being of service and sharing my expertise with clients to help them gain Superstar Visibility and Influence in the marketplace. 

What do you enjoy about your work? 

I enjoy working alongside my clients and customizing the experience to fit them and their nature. I do not believe in one size fits all. I look forward to working with each new client because I know it will always be a fresh and unique experience. 

What is your one of the most rememberable success story?

I worked on the movie Independence Day which is one of the top-grossing films in movie history. 


Where have you found the support you've needed to start and grow?

I learned a valuable lesson from my mentors that there is no room for Lone Wolf behavior. So, tribe online and offline is a priority for me. The tribe is a constant source of support. 

What is the one of advice you would like to share with other entrepreneurs? 

Kick the Lone Wolf behavior to the curb. No one builds an empire on their own it really does take a village. 

E:  113branding@gmail.com
M: 415.735.5613
W: www.113branding.com

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CPB: Sophie Personne - Relationship Expert, Best-selling Author of 'Your Other Half' & Speaker

I help people with relationship issues, either with other people (marriage, family members, etc.) or with themselves (anxiety, grief, trauma, …). I am also an Author and International Speaker, which I never thought I would enjoy when I first started out but I absolutely thrive from it. I don’t see my business as ‘work’ as it is so rewarding to be able to allow people to put their problems behind them and literally fly.


Time you wake up? Very early! Sometimes 4 or 5am as I am slightly better/ more creative in the morning.
Morning Routine: Dictated by the cat … He is from a rescue centre and very traumatised so he needs to be supervised when outside. So first thing in the morning, I will be found sat in my chair with a cup of tea, watching him and the world go by.
My best habit: I am very self-motivated so can find the strength to do things even when I don’t want to…
Worst habit: As per above! It means I can also be too hard on myself.
Your personal philosophy: Things happen for a reason and cannot be controlled. However, you can control the way you respond to them. Taking personal responsibility for your own life is essential.
Books you are reading: I go through phases where I read all the time/ cannot stop, and phases where I don’t at all. I am in non-reading phase at the moment.
What time do you go to sleep? Between 10:00 and 11:00.

What motivated you to become a relationship coach?

I am originally French and moved to the UK when I was 21. I studied at Portsmouth University and graduated in International Relations & Politics. I then worked in the security industry and my background=d is managerial. I took redundancy in 2012 and decided to set up events for single people on the South Coast of England (quirky events like wine tastings, ‘a night at the museum’, …). At the same time, I retrained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and decided to start coaching single people as I had discovered whilst hosting the events that the mindset/ attitude of a number of people was key in them being single and not meeting ‘anyone’. I was then approached by couples, people having issues with teenagers, etc… I had a nervous breakdown in 2015 and started attracting people with anxiety and depression, which is what has led me to now help with relationship issues of all kinds, with others and the self. I think what inspired me to become an entrepreneur is that I no longer wanted to be employed and felt the corporate was no longer a good fit for me. I didn’t envisage at the beginning that I would have ended up doing what I’m doing now but I feel it was a natural evolution over time and right where I should be.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I think it’s the transformation that people go through. When you have been struggling for a while, sometimes without knowing that you were but wondering if there wasn’t any more to life, it is liberating to have dealt with the problem and quite literally life-changing. I find this very rewarding.

What is your one of the most rememberable recovery success story?

A young 17 year old guy had been struggling with anxiety issues from a very early age. His parents had tried just about everything and didn’t know where to turn anymore, it was particularly affecting the mother. Her son had a fear of dying, fear of people/ going outside of the house/ germs/ heights, etc… He would also be physically sick when he was anxious. Within 6 months, his life changed and he as able to travel on the train by himself, order lunch, go to the cinema (things he would not have been able to do on his own before). He now has his own business and has done public speaking in front of audiences of 50+ people, has gone abroad by himself etc…

Where have you found the support you've needed to start and grow?

I have found support in the people around me but ultimately, I have had to find it within myself. There were times where things were tough and I wanted to give up, or I was scared of the next big move and whilst the support was great, it was my own fears I had to face up to.

Tell us a bit about your new book.


‘Your Other Half’ is aimed at anyone who feels they would benefit to learn why they react the way they do as well as understanding why other people do what they do or say what they say. It is aimed at romantic relationships but would benefit all relationships. I believe everyone can make some easy tweaks in their own lives that would improve it overall and this is an easy way to learn how to do that.

What is the one of advice you would like to share with individuals who struggle in their love life? 

Go with your gut instinct and don’t listen to the so-called advice of friends and family… They mean well but they are just giving you their own opinions. If you aren’t happy with your circumstances (in a relationship or single), take responsibility and seek professional advice as to how you can get what you want.


Sophie Personne
Tel + 44 (0) 800 772 3742

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Creative People in Business: Allison Massopust

My name is Allison and I am a physical therapist with Beacon Physical Therapy. We help people get back to pain-free and efficient movement. We take a whole-body approach in our evaluation and treatment. We specialize in advanced manual therapy and emphasize function. Our sessions are 1 hour long, without the use of aides or assistants, allowing us to spend the full hour with the patient for thorough evaluations and treatments. I have been in practice for over 7 years with specific training in orthopedics and hands-on treatment techniques. It is my passion to help others, especially in their physical health.  


Time you wake up? 5:45 am Morning Routine: Quick dress, brush, grab coffee and breakfast to go from home and pet the cat before walking out
My best habit: Patience
Worst habit: Working extra/staying late
Your personal philosophy: As long as I have helped someone I have succeeded in my day
Books you are reading: The Rise of Superman, about "flow state," or any physical therapy/medical journal
What time do you go to sleep? 10:30pm or before

What motivated you to become a physical therapist?
My Mom had a stroke when she was 43 (I was 4 at the time). She was paralyzed on her right side and could not speak very well. She required the use of a wheelchair due to her strength and balance limitations. A physical therapist started coming to the home and I saw the immense improvements in my Mom's function. Since then I wanted to be able to make a difference in someone's life like the physical therapist did with my Mom.

What do you enjoy about your work?

Giving people hope that their life can be improved.  

What is your one of the most rememberable recovery success story?

A gentleman once came into the clinic in distress because he was supposed to run the Boston marathon at the end of the following week but had developed a very painful lesion on one of the bones in his ankle. He could barely walk without a limp. We had 3 long sessions with some improvement, yet he had to decide if his improvement would last him 26 miles in the marathon. He decided to keep his plane tickets and fly out to Boston and risk the potential of not being able to do more than a few miles. In the end, he was actually able to run the full marathon, walking only the last 2 miles. He returned and stopped by the clinic with a hug and a very nice thank you note.  



Allison Massopust, PT, DPT, CPNFT, CFMT, OCS
Senior Physical Therapist
Beacon Physical Therapy, Inc.
1 Sansome Street Suite 725
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: (415) 772 - 0997
Fax:     (415) 757-0874

Jim Stopher: "Highly recommended!"

"Valentina is great!  She is easy to work with, friendly, and professional.  Her session is nicely organized, with opportunities to review and adjust -- but it's also efficient and to the point.  And on top of that, the process of booking a session couldn't be simpler!  Highly recommended!"

Jim Stopher - conductor, pianist, composer, and educator



Creative People in Business: Randi Kofsky

I utilize a combo of soft tissue and trigger point release with cranial sacral therapy to unwind the physical tension in the body along with what is stored in the nervous system. This work provides relief for a wide range of physical issues from headaches to back and neck and hip pain. It also has a calming effect on anxiety and stress. Clients work with me for a few sessions at a time for specific issues as well as weekly or come in monthly for a "reset and restore" session. This type of bodywork is also effective for integrating all the changing/evolving dynamics that occur in our lives. As the saying goes "you cannot meet the same person twice". We are consciousness in a bodily form.

WEB-Valentina-Sadiul-Headshots-171116-Randi-20217c copy.jpg

Time you wake up? 6:30

Morning Routine: Meditation, workout/yoga, drink lemon water

My best habit: Kindness

Worst habit: Coffee

Your personal philosophy: Cultivate Choice

Books you are reading: Tibetan book of the dead; Original Meanings: Politics and Ideas in the making of the constitution; Relational Psychology, Anatomy books

What time do you go to sleep? 10:30/11 pm


1. What is the difference between massage and bodywork?

There's a crossover between the two, but simply put, massage is a series of strokes or a "signature" style, whereas bodywork is applying nuanced skills directly based on the client's presenting concern.

2. What is something I wouldn’t necessarily think you could help me with?

Jaw tension is something I help a lot of people with. I work on the outside as well as put on gloves and work inside, accessing the tight muscles used for clenching that contribute to gum recession. Jaw tension also plays a part in headaches (including migraines) as well as neck and shoulder tension. 

3. What is something you do that surprises people?

I work with babies. I'm part of a collective that holds a monthly free clinic and we focus on seeing pre-crawlers and issues with eating, sleeping, movement, and digestion. 

4. How do clients feel when you do “body reading”?

Body reading is simply the practice of noting structural patterns in the body when the client is standing in gravity.  Like anything else, if you read 1000 bodies, you're going to be able to see more than the first few times. That said, I try to at least explain what I see, so clients can benefit and not feel like I'm trying to know something about them that they may not be aware of. 

5. One of the memorable success stories: 

My greatest successes are when people expand their awareness of how good they can feel in their body. It's the home we live in, so it's important to be able to feel safe and comfortable just being in a body. Sounds simple, but it's not everyone's experience.

6. What do you do in your free time?

I like to run along the ocean whenever possible. Also, swing dancing, traveling and reading at cafes in SF.


Randi Kofsky, CMT 

(415) 745-2542

2134 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94109

InnerWave Bodywork

Creative People in Business: Igor SF Walker

My name is Igor, SF Walker and I am a Life Coach and an International Best Selling Author. My aim in life is peace, inspiration, health and wellness, harmony and abundance. Everything I do is driven by these thoughts. 

© 2017 Valentina Sadiul Photography

© 2017 Valentina Sadiul Photography


  • Time you wake up: 6:30 (if not exactly 30 minutes before the Sunrise)
  • Morning routine: Glass of Alkaline water with Intention - Gratitude Journal: 10 thing I am grateful for - Lifestyle, existential questions and quotes I connect with: ("it is what it is, accept it, harvest the good, forgive the rest", "what they think of you is none of your business", "are all of my habits serving me, if not which ones do I have to change"...) - Visualization Meditation of my LIFE (total of 30 minutes)
  • Best habit: Walking
  • Worst habit: Alcohol
  • Personal philosophy: Slow Down, Reduce the Noise, Listen, BE before you DO, Gratitude
  • Book you are reading now: I am reading a book a week for this year, part of a project for my own book and I just finished "Zen Mind, Beginners Mind" - Shunryu Suzuki 
  • Most used apps: Kindle for Iphone, Youtube App, Communication Apps, Social Media Apps
  • Time you go to sleep: Varies and is driven by the body, not mind




What made you decide to become a life coach? What is unique about SF Walker coaching experience?

Re-connecting with my true self and my core, it was very clear that I always was and always will be a life coach and I simply realigned my path. It only took a 14 year old relationship ending, 16 year old healthcare career ending and a motorcycle crash to realign me, but this is why I am here now, so that other people do not have to go through what I went in order to discover true self and realign www.sfwalker.com/webinar-registration. Most unique part of the SF Walker coaching experience is the WALKING itself. It is a walking, listening and talking, for mind, body and soul coaching session. I do not have your answers, you however do and WE will discover them together. What I have is a never ending stream of caring, curious, "nothing is off limits" questions that will shift emotional states, provide different perspectives to be considered and most importantly guidance for you in finding your own answers. I am a grateful co-pilot and a co-creator in your own story, humbled to be invited into your space.

What is your favorite part about being a coach?

Learning and teaching. Raising awareness. Every single interaction I approach as being a student just as much as being a teacher. Being able to ask that right question that gives you your answer. Priceless.

Do you have any advice for someone who is contemplating working with a life coach but is unsure of the benefits they’ll get?

Understanding the difference between "I need a coach" and "I want to work with a coach." NO ONE needs coaching, I myself only work with my own mentors and coaches because I want to. I want to GROW and in doing so I want to CONTRIBUTE. I am the only one that can guarantee any benefits, as I am the only one taking the steps to get there. There is no question that new knowledge is gained, new understandings and new levels of awareness that all drive wanted change. In the end, it is all about habits and habits are programmed. I love saying to my clients, "Connect to knowledge, respect the teacher." The teacher is simply a vessel, and as the student is ready the teacher appears, regardless of the form.

What is a success to you?

Awareness and presence in the NOW.

When you look back at your coaching history with clients, what are the common issues or goals that they raise?

Love, Beliefs, Relationships, Time, Career, Money, Clarity, Habits, Purpose, Success, Creation of Reality, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Effectiveness, Listening, Public Speaking...

Why did you decide to write a children's book? What is this book about?

My children's book was one of those things that started it all for me, it was where I finally said to myself "OK Igor, let's take this from thoughts and only just talking about it, from daydreaming to reality. Let's obtain these amazing titles, published author and international best selling author." It sounded incredible and impossible, however because of focus, discipline, accountability and vision, today this is a reality. I understood everything in life is about programming, about education, about messages, and since words are spells, and people are more often than not "under a spell" I wanted to share a simple message "Beauty is everywhere, it's in you and it's in me, how I wish everyone would see" I chose a hummingbird to be the storyteller and wonderful sights of San Francisco to be the backdrop. The original page used to run a campaign to become an international bestseller is here: http://www.worldthroughmyeyesbook.com/ and my own personal story and the link to the book is here http://www.sfwalker.com/mystory


Anna Mazzanti: "The beauty of Valentina's work is that you don't have to say much, for it brilliantly speaks for itself!"

© 2017 Valentina Sadiul Photography

© 2017 Valentina Sadiul Photography

"It takes a true talent of the photographer not only to create beautiful portraits but also to be able to capture and bring out the inner essence of personality.
This is exactly what I was searching for while choosing professional headshot photographer. Not only I was impressed by her immense creativity and vibrant nature, but also by her ability to understand my vision and what I was trying to accomplish.
With her professional touch and guidance, I was able to relax and have fun in front of the camera. With each click, I felt a little loose, allowing my true personality shine. The beauty of Valentina's work is that you don't have to say much, for it brilliantly speaks for itself!"

Anna Mazzanti - UX Designer 

Creative People in Business: Justin Witte

Justin Witte is a passionate writer who loves exploring new topics in an intellectual way that will apply to all readers. He loves to write about all our human conditions of ego, selfishness, and the solution: love.

© Valentina Sadiul Photography 2018

© Valentina Sadiul Photography 2018

Time you wake up? I get up right about 7:30. I’m not that much of a morning person, and the really nice thing is, is that I live a block away from work, so I really don’t have to be. 

Morning Routine: I just sleep until the alarm goes off at 7, then I sit there for about a half hour just relaxing getting ready for my day.

My best habit: My best habit is being aware of all the thoughts that are going through my head through the day. I have found that fore most of my life I had no idea who I was, and today I continue to explore my thoughts because the self is infinite.

Worst habit: My worst habit is letting my irrational mind trick me and fool me into behavior that doesn’t help me or the people around me, for I believe I should be the best service towards others because to love others is the only true way to love yourself. 

Your personal philosophy: I am a philosophy major in college, and that has told me that, in the west, I am a Neoplatonist, and in the East, I am a Visishtadvitan. I have found this to be true for me, but I also believe that all belief systems are true.

Books you are reading: I read a couple of books at the same time. Right now, I am reading Orpheus and the Roots of Platonism, Plotinus’ Enneads, Ramanuja’s Commentary on the Gita, and Greek thought and the Origins of the Scientific Spirit.

What time do you go to sleep? I usually go to sleep around 1pm. Before I go to bed I stay engaged with politics because I find it interesting and I believe it is my duty as a citizen to stay involved. Also, before I go to bed I meditate for 45 minutes. I have always been more of a night person, and that is why I don’t do the mediation in the morning. 


What motivated you to be a life coach, and author? I am someone who has been through a lot. I have nine disorders, and I have been able to over come all of them. I was on SSDI for 15 years. Since then, I got one college degree in business, so I could make a living in accounting. I am going for another one in philosophy because I find the nature of truth fascinating. I am a pro-bono life coach because I want everyone to succeed. I have been able to overcome my disabilities mostly through my thinking. I am a writer and I wrote my first book, A Vicious Cycle A Change for the Better, when I could barely read because of my learning disabilities until 5 years ago. What my drive and motivation has shown me is that no matter what is happening in the world I only have one problem: myself. I believe that this world, and everything in it, is the way it is meant to be. I was an atheist for most of my life, but now I define God as everything I do not know, and I do not understand. This way I can learn from everything I go through. Learning is what all the Saints and philosophers, as well as Darwin, says that life is about. I will always have more to learn, and I will always have a drive to achieve something else, and the only thing that stands in my way is my irrational thinking. This is something that I help others explore and overcome. 

What has been your greatest professional success and your biggest setback? My greatest professional success is getting off of SSDI, and making above the median income in America. I learned how to read about 5 years ago because of all of my learning disabilities, and today I finished writing my first book called A Vicious Cycle. It has inspired me to write even more, and I am working on another one right now.  I now have a passion to help others achieve the goals that they want in their life. My greatest set back is when my mind takes me into my old ways of thinking, and I get stalled or take backward steps in my life. I have a long way to go no matter what, and there are times I forget and get frustrated, but I refocus and get back on track. Hopefully that will always be the case. 

What do you love writing about the most? I have written A Vicious Cycle A change for the Better, and I am focused on writing another right now. I made the first one applicable to the average person, but this next one I have going to be submitting to the Ibn al-Arabi Society for publication. I am working on writing about ethics and the way we all live our lives. I love exploring the nature of truth, and trying to reveal it to others. I love contemplation, even in my free time, and with the mediation I do every night, it has shown me that all of this is with me and everyone else. Truths are universal to all of us.


Do you have regrets about what you put yourself through and your behavior of the past? I don’t have any regrets or any resentments. I am the way I am because of two things that are beyond my control: genetics and circumstances. None of us can control that. This has been what has told me that I am meant to go through every experience that I have. I either learn from those experience and Change for the Better, or I suffer. Today I pray for a lower tolerance of pain, so I no longer have to make myself, and the people around me, suffer. 

As a pro-bono life coach who are the people you want to help the most? I feel like life is about helping others. I believe that my selfishness in my only problem, so want to help the people who are struggling in their life for purpose, self-esteem, struggling with mental illness, and the desire to move their lives in a better direction. For it has shown me if all you want is love, you can’t be selective to who you give it to. Morality is not just something that one practices in crisis, but is a principle they live their lives by. 

What can reader extract from your book? This book is meant to be entertaining, yet at the same time get people to reflect on God, what it means to love and be loved, the best way to live your life, and to show that the only person that has any choice in their life is themselves. Everything else in the world is the way it is meant to be; therefore, someone can accept anything they go through and be happy in any circumstance. 

WEBSITE: https://justinwitteblog.wordpress.com/

BUY ON AMAZON: A Vicious Cycle

Leslie Katter: "My friends and family are as thrilled with the results as I am."

"This was my first time working with Valentina, and I was extremely impressed. She was flexible with her schedule, friendly and inviting, and most of all, very talented. I am a professional opera singer, and she knew exactly what kind of aesthetic I was going for with my headshots without me explaining a thing. She gave great direction during the shoot and asked just the right questions to help me put more intention behind my expressions and poses. My friends and family are as thrilled with the results as I am. I highly recommend Valentina!"

Leslie Katter - Opera Singer



Alexandra Sessler: "Working with Valentina is truly a joy!"

“Working with Valentina is truly a joy! I get camera-shy and lose confidence easily during photo shoots, and she always manages to make me feel comfortable and help me take photos that I feel really proud of. I’ve worked with Valentina twice, and know that I will again!”


Alexandra Sessler - Opera Singer



Sara Duchovnay: "Valentina is an absolute genius when it comes to headshot and portrait photography!"

"Valentina is an absolute genius when it comes to headshot and portrait photography! As a professional opera singer, my headshots, portraiture, and publicity photos are extremely important for my image and my business, which is why I return again and again to Valentina's studio every time I need new images. Valentina has a sparkling personality that immediately puts you at ease, and her attention to detail and fantastic eye makes every session super easy and fun. I'm always amazed at the beauty and compositional excellence in all of her work and the ease with which she gets incredible results. She knows exactly how to coach her clients to look better in front of the camera than they ever imagined they could. The hardest part of the process is narrowing down all the great shots and choosing favorites!"

Sara Duchovnay - Opera Singer



Albina Ileeva: "I have always considered myself to be not very photogenic, but let me tell you, those days are over."

© 2017 Valentina Sadiul Photography

© 2017 Valentina Sadiul Photography

"Valentina is AMAZING. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and welcoming. I have always considered myself to be not very photogenic, but let me tell you, those days are over. She had great energy, really listened to what I wanted, and had great ideas. These shots are true to who you are and what you really look like! and they will get you noticed, which ultimately makes you money! The return on investment is never ending! I am more than thankful for the work Valentina provided me with and I am hoping to work with her again in the near future."

Albina Ileeva - Arbonne Independent Consultant

Professional Headshots for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one the of most used networking tools for professionals found in today’s social media world. It allows individuals from all ends of the globe to connect. In fact, it can be the best way to network, look for potential new hires, or to get your foot in the door at that firm you have always dreamed of working for. All you must do is start connecting. 

When you meet someone for the first time, what is it that helps you remember them? Generally, the face is the first thing we see. Like the old adage, put a face with a name – it is how we remember people. Why wouldn’t you want this for your professional LinkedIn connections, as well? You want to be viewed as the professional you are – not just another face. 

The good news is that you have that ability by making sure that you have a professional headshot for LinkedIn. You represent yourself and the company you own, manage, or work for. In the world of LinkedIn – you are the face of the company. When a connection views your page, they will see you before they see anything else. These connections could be your next big client. 

If you are currently seeking employment or are always on the lookout to move up in the corporate world, then having a professional LinkedIn headshot can benefit you significantly. Think about it – the connections you make could be in the line of business where you have been seeking employment. Because of this, you will want to look your best and appear as professional as possible. 

Headshots for LinkedIn is your moment to state who you are as a person, how professional you carry yourself, and how seriously you take your career. Yes, professional headshots can say all these things. It is your headshot that will determine if the connection is made, whether your resume will be reviewed, and whether a deeper networking relationship will be sought. 

If you still aren’t sure about the importance of professional headshots, take a moment and think about this: You have two connections on LinkedIn – one has a professional headshot, the other is resting with her cat in a hammock. You have a tough position, requiring a dedicated professional, that you need to fill with one of these two candidates. Who would you choose? 

Seek a professional headshot for LinkedIn. It matters! Visit BOOK NOW page to schedule your Headshot Session with Valentina Sadiul Photography. For more information contact at ValentinaSadiul@gmail.com or call 415.400.9212

Make Up for Business Headshot Session

Make Up for Business Headshots Session - As a Pro Make Up Artist, having your make-up done professionally is very important for many reasons. Looking from an artist view, we can see what colors to use based on complexion. Using products to help enhance beauty and features, not adding layers. Keeping the make up soft, natural yet glamorous in a professional way. The key is balance and less is more. 

Alicia Lau - MakeUp Artist

Alicia Lau - MakeUp Artist

I am an on location Hair and Make Up Artist located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been an artist for the past 12 years. My education began in 2005 with a Cosmetology background. After my education, I was offered to work for fashion shows and photo shoots which I feel in love with. Shortly after I established my wedding business also with Hair and Make Up. I truly love the transformation and reactions from my clients! Enhancing their beauty and reminding them they are beautiful inside and out, I feel their confidence grow and that makes my day! To see them smile as they glance in the mirror smile tells me I did my part. 

To schedule a make-up appointment for business headshot session with Alicia Lau visit her website www.leecestylz.com or call (415) 420-1390


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Dana Putnam Fonteneau: "I not only had a great time but left her studio feeling gorgeous and fabulous."

"Valentina is a very gifted photographer and fabulous person. I got some new professional headshots done. It's a major testament to her that I, who hate being photographed, not only had a great time but left her studio feeling gorgeous and fabulous. Check out her mastery!"

Dana Putnam Fonteneau - Cellist, Psychotherapist, and Creator of the WholeHearted Music



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