CPB: Sophie Personne - Relationship Expert, Best-selling Author of 'Your Other Half' & Speaker

I help people with relationship issues, either with other people (marriage, family members, etc.) or with themselves (anxiety, grief, trauma, …). I am also an Author and International Speaker, which I never thought I would enjoy when I first started out but I absolutely thrive from it. I don’t see my business as ‘work’ as it is so rewarding to be able to allow people to put their problems behind them and literally fly.


Time you wake up? Very early! Sometimes 4 or 5am as I am slightly better/ more creative in the morning.
Morning Routine: Dictated by the cat … He is from a rescue centre and very traumatised so he needs to be supervised when outside. So first thing in the morning, I will be found sat in my chair with a cup of tea, watching him and the world go by.
My best habit: I am very self-motivated so can find the strength to do things even when I don’t want to…
Worst habit: As per above! It means I can also be too hard on myself.
Your personal philosophy: Things happen for a reason and cannot be controlled. However, you can control the way you respond to them. Taking personal responsibility for your own life is essential.
Books you are reading: I go through phases where I read all the time/ cannot stop, and phases where I don’t at all. I am in non-reading phase at the moment.
What time do you go to sleep? Between 10:00 and 11:00.

What motivated you to become a relationship coach?

I am originally French and moved to the UK when I was 21. I studied at Portsmouth University and graduated in International Relations & Politics. I then worked in the security industry and my background=d is managerial. I took redundancy in 2012 and decided to set up events for single people on the South Coast of England (quirky events like wine tastings, ‘a night at the museum’, …). At the same time, I retrained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and decided to start coaching single people as I had discovered whilst hosting the events that the mindset/ attitude of a number of people was key in them being single and not meeting ‘anyone’. I was then approached by couples, people having issues with teenagers, etc… I had a nervous breakdown in 2015 and started attracting people with anxiety and depression, which is what has led me to now help with relationship issues of all kinds, with others and the self. I think what inspired me to become an entrepreneur is that I no longer wanted to be employed and felt the corporate was no longer a good fit for me. I didn’t envisage at the beginning that I would have ended up doing what I’m doing now but I feel it was a natural evolution over time and right where I should be.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I think it’s the transformation that people go through. When you have been struggling for a while, sometimes without knowing that you were but wondering if there wasn’t any more to life, it is liberating to have dealt with the problem and quite literally life-changing. I find this very rewarding.

What is your one of the most rememberable recovery success story?

A young 17 year old guy had been struggling with anxiety issues from a very early age. His parents had tried just about everything and didn’t know where to turn anymore, it was particularly affecting the mother. Her son had a fear of dying, fear of people/ going outside of the house/ germs/ heights, etc… He would also be physically sick when he was anxious. Within 6 months, his life changed and he as able to travel on the train by himself, order lunch, go to the cinema (things he would not have been able to do on his own before). He now has his own business and has done public speaking in front of audiences of 50+ people, has gone abroad by himself etc…

Where have you found the support you've needed to start and grow?

I have found support in the people around me but ultimately, I have had to find it within myself. There were times where things were tough and I wanted to give up, or I was scared of the next big move and whilst the support was great, it was my own fears I had to face up to.

Tell us a bit about your new book.


‘Your Other Half’ is aimed at anyone who feels they would benefit to learn why they react the way they do as well as understanding why other people do what they do or say what they say. It is aimed at romantic relationships but would benefit all relationships. I believe everyone can make some easy tweaks in their own lives that would improve it overall and this is an easy way to learn how to do that.

What is the one of advice you would like to share with individuals who struggle in their love life? 

Go with your gut instinct and don’t listen to the so-called advice of friends and family… They mean well but they are just giving you their own opinions. If you aren’t happy with your circumstances (in a relationship or single), take responsibility and seek professional advice as to how you can get what you want.


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