Creative People in Business: Allison Massopust

My name is Allison and I am a physical therapist with Beacon Physical Therapy. We help people get back to pain-free and efficient movement. We take a whole-body approach in our evaluation and treatment. We specialize in advanced manual therapy and emphasize function. Our sessions are 1 hour long, without the use of aides or assistants, allowing us to spend the full hour with the patient for thorough evaluations and treatments. I have been in practice for over 7 years with specific training in orthopedics and hands-on treatment techniques. It is my passion to help others, especially in their physical health.  


Time you wake up? 5:45 am Morning Routine: Quick dress, brush, grab coffee and breakfast to go from home and pet the cat before walking out
My best habit: Patience
Worst habit: Working extra/staying late
Your personal philosophy: As long as I have helped someone I have succeeded in my day
Books you are reading: The Rise of Superman, about "flow state," or any physical therapy/medical journal
What time do you go to sleep? 10:30pm or before

What motivated you to become a physical therapist?
My Mom had a stroke when she was 43 (I was 4 at the time). She was paralyzed on her right side and could not speak very well. She required the use of a wheelchair due to her strength and balance limitations. A physical therapist started coming to the home and I saw the immense improvements in my Mom's function. Since then I wanted to be able to make a difference in someone's life like the physical therapist did with my Mom.

What do you enjoy about your work?

Giving people hope that their life can be improved.  

What is your one of the most rememberable recovery success story?

A gentleman once came into the clinic in distress because he was supposed to run the Boston marathon at the end of the following week but had developed a very painful lesion on one of the bones in his ankle. He could barely walk without a limp. We had 3 long sessions with some improvement, yet he had to decide if his improvement would last him 26 miles in the marathon. He decided to keep his plane tickets and fly out to Boston and risk the potential of not being able to do more than a few miles. In the end, he was actually able to run the full marathon, walking only the last 2 miles. He returned and stopped by the clinic with a hug and a very nice thank you note.  



Allison Massopust, PT, DPT, CPNFT, CFMT, OCS
Senior Physical Therapist
Beacon Physical Therapy, Inc.
1 Sansome Street Suite 725
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: (415) 772 - 0997
Fax:     (415) 757-0874